Monday, November 12, 2007

So 2 months later

And I haven't posted a thing! I am kicking BUTT at this blogging thing! Anyway, here I am! What occupies my wee bit of spare time these days? Well its chilly out and the leaves are falling so that means two things...raking and knitting!

I've joined Ravelry, like any good knitter should do. My name there is KimPossible if you want to come have a looksee at what I'm doing! KimPossible is my altar-ego screename at the places on the net I love the most. As of right now that would just be and!

Next up for me to tackle, a pair of baby mitts to keep Miss Nathalie's little fingers warm. Its the far more creative and artistic alternative to a higher oil bill! Just call me sophisticated.