Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Dusting off this old thing

Seeing that its been well over a year since I've touched this blog, lets start anew, shall we? Many things have happened since the last time I wrote anything here and its time to do a little catching up. Sometimes this part can feel over-whelming. What do I tell you about? What do I leave out? Whats actually interesting, as oppose to only interesting to me?

Tonight, we will start with the biggest changes in my life. The first would be that we don't live in Columbia County, NY anymore. We don't even live in New York anymore. About a year after my last blog entry, we moved here:

Can't tell where here is? Obviously we are in Maine...duh. Seamus and I moved the family back to his old stompin' grounds. This was something that we had discussed in the past and a new job opportunity for Seamus made it happen. This has been a huge change for me. There are many things I miss and left behind in New family, lovely Chatham, some fun co-workers and so much more. It was, afterall, my old stompin' grounds and there will always be a special place in my heart for lovely Upstate NY.

But I am fortunate that we are surrounded by wonderful family up here as well. My in-laws have been gracious enough to let us invade their house and over-run it with items they haven't seen in years. Baby cribs, Nerf guns, backpacks and superfluous amounts of finished worksheets and school-art masterpieces. And lets not forget the chaos, lots and lots of chaos. Fortunately for them, its only temporary. Coming this summer to a lot near my in-laws, will be our own little corner of the world, a house for us, and some sanity for them. House building will be the exciting story of this spring and summer, folks. Stay tuned! I mean really, does it get any more exciting than that for you for me?

Last but not least, an even bigger event for us since we last chatted, was the arrival of this little one:

Her name is Cecilia and she turned 3 months this past Saturday. She adds just that much more joy to our daily lives, just when you didn't think it was possible to add anymore. She also adds a lot more diapers... and removes a few more hours for sleeping. But you know, its all good...we like her, and we're gonna keep her!

I think this is enough to mull over for now. I hope we get to do this more often! My hope is to let you in a little on my life, and maybe show you some of the fun and neat things I come across on the internet. I'll try to post again in a few days...instead of in a few years. Sound good?

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