Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

So 2007 was a great year. Many highlights, not too many disappointments! Lets see what 2007 brought us:

Yes Yes, by far our most joyous event of the year! I sense miss Nathalie will play the role of the youngest just perfectly. She already is spoiled beyond belief by everyone else in the family.

What else this year:

  • Seamus started a full time job deciding to leave his Stay at Home Dad career. Its proven to be a wonderful change for him.
  • I have moved to part-time Web Developer, part-time Stay at Home Mom! I give this new arrangement the big thumbs up!
  • Aodhan started Pre-K. Rock On, Aodhan!
  • I have bravely delved into the world of cooking. Yes thats right, prior to 2007 I could count what I could cook on two hands. Nowadays, my kids even tell me sometimes that my food is good!

These 5 things alone have made it a great year. Good thing too, because I can't remember what else happened this year at the moment.

What New Year's post is complete without the list of New Year's resolutions?

  • Exercise - this will play the role of the resolution that isn't really kept...it always does
  • Potty Train Lillian - I wish Lillian would announce this as her own resoultion. It would make life easier!
  • Blog! I'm off to a good start
  • Knit for at least a half an hour a day. I want to keep this one at least until it gets warm out!
  • Keep my house spotless

Haa haaa hhaahahahaa, OHHHH hahahahaha. I'm sorry, that last one, oh boy. Scratch it. Why set myself up for failure.

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