Friday, January 18, 2008

Rollin through January

January is one of those months that can send you into hibernation. You know, after the Holiday Hype with those freezing cold days, overcast skies and that general feeling of "I'm going to pound you into submission with my blizzards and lack of activities aside from snow shoveling"


it can be time for vacation!

OK, so its not warm and tropical, but it WAS 42 degrees at the top of Mt. Washington while we were in NH! I mean to us Northeastern-ers that's like sending out a broadcast that its shorts and t-shirt time!

Luckily the kids did get to take a ski lesson before all the snow melted away. We also got to go tubing and make some snowmen. It was all quite pleasant, even the dodging giant puddles of melting mountain precipitation as we shopped the outlets.

Una and Bampi (those are my in-laws for those not in the know) came to join us and celebrate a late Christmas. Check these out!

I dare you to find anything cuter and more desirable than these handmade Adirondack chairs on the 'hip mama' blogs. Bampi rocks! Getting them home in our jam packed vacationing-kiddie-mobile-mini-van was exciting, but totally worth it.

What vacation would be complete without hunting out the local yarn shop and starting a new project. The Grand View Country Store was the destination of choice, in Randolph, NH. It has that cozy house feeling, piled high with stashes of your yarn staples. I bought what i needed to start the Daisy Stitch Handwarmers from The Purl Bee.

A couple of weeks later, here is my progress so far:

Its a fun project and I'm a big fan of the Daisy Stitch! The cold January air has returned and these should really get done sooner than later. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of "Can Kim actually finish a project in a timely fashion!"

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